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Here I am hopefully provide information that will help you and your dog with training and more information about life with your best friend.

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Man’s best friend!


It is a command that is a bit confusing before your dog can master it. It is because some dogs dislike staying still, but do not worry, because they will know it with more practice. Steps to teach them to “Stay”: Commence by saying “stay” and “down.” Tell them to stay with a calm voiceContinue reading “Stay”


Some trainers prefer to use the command “Let’s go”, “Forward” or “With me” when walking their dog. Whatever you decide to use, use the same word always when working together. Teach family members the same word, to keep it consistant. Everyone using the same word will help the dog and not confuse them. To start,Continue reading “Heel”


It is one single word that every dog should know. How to teach them “No”: This command is perfectly demonstrated through the use of treats. Hold the pooch leash in front of them and put the treat on the table or floor. When you move the treat, you’ll notice that they will be provoked byContinue reading “No”

Here I will hopefully provide information that can and will help your relationship with your dog. Yes, this site is dedicated to provide information and direction to help you and your dog to get alone. We humans don’t really understand how much a dog/pet brings into your life. I have two awesome dogs which I had the pleasure to take care of them since they were puppies. I can talk a bit about my experience or better yet, prepare you for what is coming in the future.

If needed, I will complete research and help you locate a dog trainer in your area, in hope that it will improve your undertanding and relationship with your new family member. I will also have mini series on how to train them and prepare them to meet with your trainer.

Congratulation and good luck with your puppy, dog or new family member.

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